Tijuca Forest JeepTour

Tijuca Forest is the largest urban forest in the world and is located in the heart of Rio De Jeneiro. Join us for a fascinating tour of this forest where you will see waterfalls and tropical Jungles. As part of this tour you will also visit secret places that the locals love to frequent and see beautiful scenic sights of the city from particular places inside the forest.

The tour is taken on a roofless jeep, allowing you to experience and connect with your surroundings much better.



A tour of Tijuca forest - The largest city forest in the world. In it lay many secrets of Rio De Jeneiro, beautiful waterfall, natural swimming pools, Mansions, and breathtaking sights that cannot be seen from anywhere else in the city.

During this tour you will hear the rich history of this young and unique forest, and the process of its growth. 

Additional Info

  • Price: US $50
  • Frequency: Every Day
  • Duration: 3-4 Hours
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