Rio City of Samba - Unique Samba expirience in Rio de Janeiro

During your visit of Rio - the world capital for Samba - you will see breathtaking sights of the Rio De Janeiro, a glimpse into the rich history of this magnificent city, and most importantly you will also journey into the world of Samba.

On this tour you will visit in the most important places of the Samba in Rio. the new port of Rio de Janeiro, we will go through the Sambodromo – special Samba stadium, as well as Samba city where you will get to see the preparations of the Samba Schools for the Carnaval, try some of the Carnival costumes, drink caipirinha, and in the end we will get to the big rehearsal of one of the most famous and known Samba schools in Rio.   

This thrilling afternoon full of  fun that will fill you breathtaking scenarios, music, culture, color, and Brazilian style happiness!


In this tour we will get to know with Rio De Janeiro as the capital of the samba, City full of music, dance and happiness, a city that was once the capital of Brazil and is today an olympic city that is renewed beyond recognition. 

We will begin our tour in the center of the city and tour through the new port that was opened for the Olympic Games, and hear how is the port was the place that the Samba was created in, we will see some of the most beautiful street art in the world. 

We’ll visit Sambodromo (depend on the Trafic gem), home to the carnival and Winners parade, Than we will  visit the City of Samba where you will get to see the making of the the greatest event on earth – The Rio’s carnival. We will get a look behind the scene of the preparations and hear of the history and how this event was created, we will end our visit by wearing the exotic uniforms of the carnival.

Our tour will end in a real authentic Carnival rehearsal in one of the neighborhood of Rio, where thousands of people are gathering to practice the routine for the show, when every step and drum is important, and everybody come to do the thing they love the most, rich and poor, black and white, man and woman– Dance Samba! 



Additional Info

  • Price: US $70
  • Frequency: Every Sunday and Tuesday
  • Duration: 6-7 Hours
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