Favela Walking Tour

The Favelas in Brazil are neighborhoods that were built ilegaly, inside and around the bigger cities. They manifest the overwhelming poverty that exist in Brazil. In some instances, the Favelas are a mere few meters away from the upper class, costly neighborhoods in the heart of the city.

We believe that through our “walking Tour”  the cycle of drugs and guns  can be broken through the power of  education – the only key for the future.

We do not operate a “zoo-tour” in jeeps like some of the other tour companies. We focus on a genuine experience with the aim to educate our guests about the favelas which are such a big part of life in Rio.

On this tour you will be introduced to the poverty stricken lifestyles inside one of the many Favela neighborhoods in Rio De Janeiro. Despite their overwhelming poverty, these neighborhoods are very colorful and interesting. And becuase these settlment-neighborhoods were often established on mountains, they have beautiful views of the city below it.

You will hear stories about the Favela from locals, and it’s totally safe as you will learn how the Favela came into being, and what the government is doing to improve or not, the lives of the Favela residents today.



Half day tour in the neighborhood of Rusinia - the largest Pabla in Rio De Janeiro. The tour is lead by a Hebrew speaking tour guide. Accompanying the tour will be a local resident of the Pabla who was born and raised inside the Pabla and therefore knows the ins and outs of the thrilling complexities of the Pabla.

The tour will encompass the entire historical spectrum of the Pabla, beginning with its early conception and ending with the reality of the Pablas today, where hundreds of thousands of residents have been neglected, consequently living in subpar conditions.

We will learn about the hardships that are natural to living in the Pablas; the era of heavy crime; and the hope for better days which in spite of astounding hardships was never lost to the people of the Pablas.

This is a safe and fascinating experience, giving you a glimpse into a whole different lifestyle inside Brazil.


Additional Info

  • Price: US $35
  • Frequency: Every Day
  • Duration: 4-5 Hours
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