Carnival Tickets

In this page you can find information regarding the Carnival in Rio De Janeiro such as  Carnival tickets, how to get to the Sambodromo, as well as helpful safety tips to keep in mind during the Carnival.
The Carnival in Rio De Janeiro and the Winner’s parade - A Competition among the top Samba schools in the area
The Carnival in Rio De Janeiro is a Samba Party that is celebrated in every corner of the city. The very center of this Carnival is the Samba competition held in the “Sambodromo”.
All street parties are free. The ones who wish to watch the Samba performance which occurs every night of the Carnival should purchase a ticket ahead of time.
Tickets prices varies depending on the zone (sector) you want.
The performance lasts for approximately 9 hours each night. The highest demand is for 3rd and 4th nights of the Carnival, during those nights the twelve of the top Samba schools in Rio de Janeiro compete against each other (every night preforms 6 samba schools). Each of the six schools performs for up to 80 minutes (don’t worry you don’t fill the time pass), when they march the entire length of the stadium, almost a full kilometer.



We sell tickets for the 3rd and 4th nights of the Carnival. As mentioned, these days of Carnival are the most desirable.
We offer tickets to all zones from 4 up to 13.
The price for each ticket can be differ by zones.
The price for each ticket is subject to change, and can only be guaranteed upon purchase . See chart below for current pricing for seats by zones.
All prices are in US$.


GrandStand Zones

These are the upper zones in the Sambodromo which offer no marked seating, and are the least costly of all tickets. The elevation of this zone allows for a bird’s eye view of the entire Carnival and the groups marching in it. As stated, the seating in this zone is unmarked, allowing spectators to choose any seating or standing location within the zone. From a lower seat within the zone it is possible to see the magnificent costumes of the performers as well as a better view of the overall performances. Most people in this zone do typically choose to stand as they cheer and dance.
The benefit of these zones is being around and within the local audience, the Brazilian crowed will have you experience this Carnival as though you yourself were a Brazilian.
The most expansive tickets within Grandstand zones are zone 4 and 11 because they are the most central.
Unlike the other zones within Grandstand zones, zone 9 is the only zone with marked seating and is therefore more expansive.
Zone 5 is in the center of the stadium, it’s not the most expansive there for is highly recommend!
Be aware! Zones 12 and 13 in the Grandstand section are not recommended at all! These are at the very end of the stadium and offer very limited visibility of the Carnival. We do not sell tickets for these zones.


Allocated Chairs

Zones 12 and 13 offer marked seating. These sections are located directly below the Grandstand section, and although they are at the end of the sambodromo, the direction of the tall chairs in this section allows for a good view. These sections are referred to as the “Backpackers Section” because of their lower price in relation to other other zones.
Note: We sell tickets to zones 12 and 13 of this section, but not of the Grandstand zone.


Ordering Tickets

To order tickets to the Carnival or to the Winners Parade please contact us via the ‘contact us’ page on this website. Kindly make note of which days you wish to attend, what zone, as well as the desired quantity of tickets 



The Sambadromo is located in the very birthplace of Samba. It begins at Avenida Presedente Vargas, near Praqa Quinze, and ends at Rua Frei Caneca.
The large square at the end of the Sambodromo is called “Apetheosis Square”. The avenue crossing the stadium and on which the march takes place is 0.4 mile long.


Transportation to the Sambodromo

By Metro:

During Carnival, the Metro run nonstop. The distance from the Metro station to the stadium is approximately 20 minutes walk. Depending on where in the stadium you are seated, you will exit at one of various Metro stops near the stadium. (The station is divided to zones that are zugy across sections which are not, and there is no passage between them).

Seating at a Pair section

You will use the “Praca Onze” station. Upon exiting the station you will bear right and walk straight until you enter the stadium.

Seating at in pair  seat

You will use the “Central” station. Follow the croweds until you arrive at the Sambodrome.

By Taxi:

If you’re gona go by taxi, we recommend that you stop one on the street. Taxi prices are higher than usual during the Carnival. Taxis drop off at a reasonable distance from the stadium. Do inform the driver in advance what section you’re seated at, and set the price up front.



The Sambodromo appears is the most secure place to be during the Carnival in Rio. Because the event is attended by many celebrities politicians and dignitaries, gates are placed around the entire stadium to ensure that no one enters unchecked.

Outside of the Sambodrome however, it’s entirely different. Within close proximity of the stadium there are several Pablas, so you need to be safe and remain alert. We recommend that you travel back by Taxi, or walk in large groups. We suggest that you refrain from walking long distances.



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