Rio's Carnival - General Info

The Carnival is a Christian festival observed by Christians all around the world. Nevertheless, the Carnival in Brazil is by far the biggest, and most colorful of them all.

 The Carnival integrates all of the Brazil’s cultures and traditions, including the predominant European and African cultures, alongside the rich culture of music, which has developed and evolved in Brazil.

The Carnival in Brazil is essentially a grand Samba performance for which many local Samba schools prepare for all year. The famous Carnival parade in the city of Rio De Janeiro and is a competition among the various Samba schools who compete against each other for the pride of winning this competition, as well as for a multi-million dollar reward. But important to know that the Carnival in Rio is not just the Carnival parade, the whole city is full of street partys called “Blocos” some are small with few hundreds, and some are huge with more than a million people celebrating together in the street.

Although most non-Brazilian tourists think of Rio De Janeiro when thinking about Brazil’s Carnival, it is only one of many which takes place on this national holiday. In the city of Salvador for example, there are various public celebrations around the city where many people join in their local Carnival. These Carnivals have (truck) floats with celebrity singers performing as the trucks drive through the streets.


2017 Carnival Dates

Salvador: Feburary 23 through March 1st

Rio de Janeiro: Feburary 24 through March 1st

Winners Parade: March 04th


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